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中2国際学級 英詩の書き方ワークショップ ~The Seeds of Poetry~



Ode to Chocolate Chip Cookie

  Oh, chocolate chip cookie
You are so sweet I could eat you as a treat
  Oh, chocolate chip cookie
For my wish I want to eat you as a main dish
  Oh, chocolate chip cookie
When I scoop you with a spoon, it gets shaped like a moon.


I had a lot to discover during the two-hour workshop.
I have never met a poet before in my life.
So I was really looking forward to listening to a poet, but I was very nervous.
I was worried that I would not be able to understand what she said in English because she is from abroad.
However, Holly Thompson was very friendly and told us about her poetry and her life in an easy to understand way.
One of the most memorable things she said was that the seeds of poetry can be found in many places.
I was very surprised when I heard that the seeds of poetry are not created, but found in our daily lives, because I had always thought that poetry was something to be created.
She told us that she has a notebook where she writes down the seeds of her poems.
I was surprised because I had never heard that Holly Thompson had lived in Japan for a long time.
She gave us some tips on how to write poems when we had time to try writing our own poems, which made me very happy.
This workshop has made me more interested in poetry.
I have never read a book of poetry before, but after listening to Holly Thompson’s talk, I would like to read one.
It was a very valuable experience for me.



I haven’t read many poems before, but I have learned a lot about poetry through the books we are reading in class and Holly’s workshop. She wrote a lot of poetry about her experience and it was interesting. I want to read her novels and learn more about poetry. I had a great time in class.