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高1国際学級の授業でMaking Tokyo Better Projectの発表会を行いました

 2月末から3月初めにかけて、高校1年国際学級の英語(国際論理表現)の授業では、”Making Tokyo Better Project” の発表をしました。


Our team’s presentation and teamwork were very good. Our team paid attention to eye contact. Everyone made the PowerPoint and the script. I want to do more presentations in the future. (S.F.)

I think our temwork was very good. I made the PowerPoint and the others made the script. We could do the presentation in a loud and clear voice and could answer the questions from the audience. I think in the future I want to try the presentation by myself. (E.Y.)

The most interesting thing is communication. I like talking to my friends, but I don’t like talking about serious problems or environmental problems. I learned that I have to know about world problems. Communication skills help me all the time. (M.O.)

I learned that we can also change the world by taking action. We are just students, but that doesn’t matter. I’d like to move and change the world, and I will be more aggressive to take action from now on. Also, I learned the importance of cooperation. Group work has a bigger power than moving on my own. (R.Y.)