TJK Life





I’m glad that we were able to share a fun and meaningful time with everyone at Haesung.

 In the current world situation, it is extremely difficult to interact across national borders. However, it is important to communicate in this way because of such situation, and it was wonderful to be able to know and tell each other about the situation and countermeasures under the Corona virus. I was also interested in Korea food culture and idol culture. Especially the coffee that was shown in PowerPoint looked very interesting. I’d like to try it someday. Also I don’t know much about idols, but I know that K-POP is very popular in Japan, so I‘d like to check it out once. I hope that corona turmoil will soon subside and that a safe and enjoyable life will return to both Korea and Japan. It’s a difficult world, but please be careful about your health.



Dear Haesung friends,

As we are experiencing a world pandemic, I believe it is important for countries to come together and share their current status living with the virus, and this was a huge opportunity to do so as students, which was surprisingly exciting, although some topics were not as easy.

We also had the chance to exchange each other’s cultures, which was very inspiring. As a K-POP fan, I have a huge interest in Korean culture, and being able to talk on Zoom was amazing, and a thrilling experience.

I hope we will have another chance to talk again in the future.