TJK Life





First, we made crest individually. Then, we introduced each crest. Next, we chose the best crests. Then, we mixed the ideas of the top crests. I love this new crest that expresses everyone’s ideas.


In making the crest, we will connect everyone’s opinions and let the wings fly to the future, the color of the flag is the color of hope, the ship means we can cross the earth. We make a wish to the rainbow that everyone can be a woman who can cross the earth! It’s a great crest for a class with all the thoughts for a bright future.


Our class crest respected everyone’s ideas and our personalities. After we introduced our each crest, we chose the best five crests. While we combined our ideas, I think we were able to deepen our unity. In our crest, we put a lot of messages in to. For example, white pigeons mean peace, the sun means teachers, and the ship means “Working together to overcome “. I want to cherish this crest for the next six years.