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高二国際コースでは、今年度を締めくくる英語のプロジェクトとして “Influential Women Presentations” を行いました。BBCが公表している、世界で活躍中の100人の女性リストの中から一人を選び、その人物の功績や言葉を紹介するプロジェクトです。生徒が選んだ女性たちは世界の様々な地域と多彩な活動分野を網羅し、各人物の名言については単なる引用にとどまらず、生徒たち自身の解釈を加えた深みのあるプレゼンテーションに仕上げることに成功しました。多様な女性の生き方に触れることで、自分自身の将来を考えていく上でも意義のあるプロジェクトになりました。以下は生徒による感想です。

I did a “100 Women Leaders of 2020” presentation in class. In our International Course, we have many chances to speak English in front of everyone and I have improved my speaking skills.  Also, I’m getting more and more positive and confident to show myself.  I chose to present the Chinese writer, “Wang Fang,” because her strong mind and courage is worthy of admiration.  Many people may think that writing and reading a script is the most important for making a presentation, but I have learned that it is another way of having a conversation. We should not be focused on remembering the script, but on saying the information and our way of thinking effectively. I paid attention to keeping eye contact and gestures which are part of communication with the audience and making a PowerPoint related to my presentation to make sure all the audience could deeply understand what I wanted to convey.