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はじめは、緊張したり、早口になったり原稿を忘れてしまったりすることがありましたが、反省を活かし、 原稿を覚えてゆっくりと話すことができました。他の人達のプレゼンを聞いて日本の文化を改めて意識することもあったので、とてもいい機会になりました。
Y.K. (Purple Group)

We, the International Class, often give presentations. Every time, I watch everyones presentation, I discover and learn something new. This time I did, too. The presentations of many people were smooth and confident. When I think about why some people did well, I want to use their techniques in my presentation next time. And it was interesting to learn so many detailed things about Japanese culture.
M.F. (Yellow Group)

In my presentation, I presented about chopsticks manners in Japan. I chose this topic because even though I am Japanese, I did not fully understand about chopsticks manners. I think my presentation went well because I spoke confidently and slowly. In my presentation in front of small groups, my teacher gave me advice to speak confidently, because I have this habit to become very nervous before a presentation. I couldn’t manage to do it on the first presentation. Before my second presentation, I was able to relax because my friends made me comfortable. The point I could do better next is the eye contact. I think I should look around during the presentation. Overall, I enjoyed and learnt a lot of information from this unit.
K.N. (Pink Group)