TJK Life


2022年夏BLAST特別企画 ~Designing Your Global Mindset (2日目)~

「Positive Thinking」「Just the Way You Are」「My Identity」というトピックについて、グループディスカッションとプレゼンテーションを主に行われました。

For the second day, we learned about positive thinking and about our identity. In the morning, we learned mainly about positive thinking and read a piece of writing about Rikako Ikee and watched a clip of Zootopia. By watching and reading those, we were able to learn to not give up and that having a positive mindset is important. For the afternoon we learned about our identity and I learned that identity doesn’t only mean our names, gender and our nationality, but it also means how people see ourselves. And by taking part, I was able to learn more about my personality. Overall, I think I was able to talk more in English and communicate more with confidence to the members of my group as well as the group leaders compared to the first day!