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9月10日(土)、高二国際コースによる校内模擬国連(In-School Model UN Program)が行われました。こちらは、英語での探求カリキュラムの集大成として、グローバルな社会的課題を議論するものです。
今年のテーマはSDGs7番目の目標の“Renewable Technology for Developing Countries(開発途上国のための再生可能エネルギー技術)”に決まり、高一からそれぞれ担当国の国情について、政府広報、文献、そしてWeb情報等でのリサーチを続けてきました。

●What did you learn from the Model United Nations Unit?

  1. We learned not just about renewable energy and climate change but also the situation among lots of countries, various opinions, affects to the earth, different countries’ situations. This unit made me concerned about the situation and also made me aware that these problems are deeply connected to our life.(H.I.)
  2. I learned the world situation and relations between countries. I was able to learn a lot of things that I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t done Model United Nations.(H.S.)

●Do you feel your English Skills improved?

  1. I think so. I participated in the discussions actively to fulfill my role as the delegate from Ethiopia. Since the theme was renewable energy for developing countries, I was able to express the things we want to other delegates and this was reflected in one of the clauses in the resolution, so I felt a sense of accomplishment. Not only speaking, I learned many new words that can be used in resolution.(K.N.)
  2. I felt my English skills improved. I could make myself understood to others, and I could understand more vocabulary.(Y.A.)


First, I learned that MUN is a very difficult and high level thing, so 11F students are very good at English. Second, I learned that there are many issues in the world.(A.M.)

I learned that it is important to say your opinion clearly and collaborate to make good final resolutions. (N.K.)

I could recognize that my seniors’ speaking skill is amazing. There is only one year between my senior and me. But I was impressed when the seniors were speaking. And I could understand what the UN does.(R.K.)