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高1国際コース ボストン研修旅行(BLAST)②



I was very worried whether I could talk well in the lesson.  But some strange things surprised me.  When the teacher called me to speak, even though I was very nervous, I told my opinion to her very fluently!  Then the teacher chose me to be the representative.  I couldn’t believe that.  Because there were a lot of people whose English skill is better than mine.  Also, I was very happy then because it was the first time a teacher chose me to be the representative. Because of today’s lesson, I don’t feel worried about it now.  From now on I will speak more actively and not be afraid to say something.





高1国際コース ボストン研修旅行(BLAST)⑥

高1国際コース ボストン研修旅行(BLAST)⑤

高1国際コース ボストン研修旅行(BLAST)④

高1国際コース ボストン研修旅行(BLAST)③

高1国際コース ボストン研修旅行(BLAST)① ~出発の様子~