TJK Life





We made the video “Stop School Violence.”  I think this movie was a very good project.


In the exchange, we made a short video to eliminate school violence, and I learned that we should be more concerned about social problems.  In Japan it seems that people don’t much think about social issues, such as violence.  However, through this activity, I learned that students have great power to change this situation, by making videos or using other tools.  For this reason, I learned we should pay more attention to social issues.


By making videos to “Stop School Violence,” I learned that the school violence problem is more serious than I thought and we should cooperate with people all around the world to stop school violence.  In the Zoom exchange, I learned both trends such as the popular idols and Korean culture such as the traditional food.  In conclusion, it is a good activity to communicate with foreign people on the Internet in this COVID-19 pandemic.